This help section includes a description of our portal's main services and the main functionalities of our portal.


For easy access to services, they are divided into four main categories as follows:


This section includes answers to the important questions and the frequently asked by the Ministry customers regarding labour contracts, end of service, the yearly leave, etc...

Data Library

This section contains several files for data and statistics produced by the Ministry of Labour in several areas. This information is accessible in the form of open data that provides data to the user in easy to use formats, such as Excel and PDF.

The open data policy adopted by the Ministry allows you to use the files as long as you don't modify the data in these files. You also have to mention the source of data and make it accessible to others.


In this section, you'll find links for communication channels with Ministry of Labour, and various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. In addition, you can give your opinion, participate over the topics discussed in the blog, participate in the questionnaires and communicate with the Ministry officials.

These participations aim to engage the public in the decision making process and development of government policies.

User Friendly Tools

Ministry of Labour portal contains many user-friendly tools, which enhance accessibility and enable users to navigate in a user-friendly manner.

Font Size

The feature helps you increase and decrease the font to the size that suits.

To increase the font size click on the (A+) icon

To decrease the font size click on the (A-) icon


To print the current page.


By clicking on the icon there are various bookmaking and social networking links. You can add the current page to your favorites' toolbar and your links to social networking sites.


This link allows you to send the current page via e-mail to third parties.

Search and Advance Search Feature

The search feature is another method helping you access the information you need. You can write the search phrase in the field at the top of the page or you can use the advanced search feature to search in a certain section on the Ministry of Labour portal such as Services, Open Data, etc.

Acrobat Reader

Most of the documents listed in the Ministry of Labour portal are in PDF (Portable Document Format), so we suggest that you use Acrobat reader.

Using Maps

The map gives you directions on how to reach Ministry headquarters, offices and services centers (Tasheel) in each of the seven emirates.


Here, you can find a list of the major coming events of Ministry of Labour throughout the UAE.


You can apply to work in the Ministry of Labour by filling the online form and uploading your CV, in case of any job vacancies the Ministry will contact you.

Absher Tasheel