Cancellation of private recruitment agency

  • Service Sector/Department

    Labour Sector – Labour Offices

  • Service Classification

    Supplementary Service

  • Service Type


  • Service Description

    An application submitted by the agency to cancel its records from the Ministry

  • Required Documents

    1. Cancellation letter
    2. A copy of the trade license
  • Terms And Conditions

    1. There shall be no workers sponsored by the agency
    2. There shall be no inspectional restrictions or fines imposed on the agency, nor complaints shall be filed against it
  • Service Procedures

    1. Applications for cancelling the agency shall be submitted to the service counter in the Ministry of Labour offices
    2. If all document and requirements are fulfilled, the application is processed and the applicant can obtain the approval notice and number by visiting the Ministry's website:
    3. If there is something missing, the applicant is notified to complete the documents and follow the above instructions
    4. In case of approval, the applicant shall receive a letter approving the cancellation of the establishment from the Department of Economic Development
  • Relation of service with other service

    Department of Economic Development - Municipalities

  • Service Limitation


  • Where to Apply

    Brokerage agency sections in the Ministry of Labour offices

  • Service Time

    3 Working days

  • Target Audience


  • Working Hours

    Brokerage agency sections in the Ministry of Labour offices

    From Sunday to Thursday
    From 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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